Hello there! I am Jessica, the person who wrote this blog.

Let me introduce myself for a start. I am thirteen years old right now and I love all colours, especially white as it reflects calmness the best in my opinion. I love all things sweet as I feel that this is the meaning of positivity which is the perspective of life that I want. You can describe me as someone introverted and quiet but when I warm up to you, you will see that I am quite a loud and outgoing person. In this blog, I am going to tell you a little bit about my personal life and what happened that left a deep impression on me. Hope you enjoy!


I LOVE sugary treats, especially hard fruit candy is my favourite. As a result of too much sugar, sometimes, I will get really hyper and cannot sleep so I will stay up late to watch the television. Despite that, I still eat them since I cannot resist the temptation. Actually, one of the reasons I like to eat sweet things is that it reminds me of the positive side of life. Most of the time, I try to find the good in life but always sees the opposite. To remind me of the good side, I would eat sugary things.


Not everything is as sweet as it seems, I have once encountered something scary that involved death. A few years ago, there was a lock down at my previous school then. Two people broke into the school and started bashing car windows to get valuables at the school car park. The worst thing was that my classroom was the closest to the car park and they were heading towards our direction after stealing valuables. Fortunately, the police came just in time and arrested the two. I am grateful that everyone was safe and sound, otherwise we would not be here today!

Last note for this page

I will write up till here, thank you so much for your time. I hope the next page of this website can help you!