Hello there! It's Jessica again!

This is a guide on how to spend your time when you are bored. The two tips below are the things I do most of the time. Hope you enjoy!

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Read books, Knowledge is POWER!

Reading books help you to occupy your time. After reading a thick book, you will be amazed how much time have been put into reading. Visit your nearby library now and borrow some books. Alternatively, if you want to keep your book forever, visit a bookstore and buy a book!

Sing your favourite song, have a karoke with your family and friends!

Personally, singing is my favourite thing to do. I sing like nearly everywhere, literally. Sing your heart out infront of a mirror or with your family and friends. Singing-haters? Do not worry I got your back, grab a few friends and play a game of the sport of your choice instead!

Final note and you're done!

Thank you SO much for visiting my website! I don't know how you came upon my website (coz there are other better websites than mine) but you made it through. Once again, thank you SO, SO much for reading!(BTW, please follow for more awesome updates!)